Alzheimer’s and dementia care are highly specialized fields for a plethora of reasons. Patients who suffer from these conditions cannot make decisions for their own health care needs and must rely on family members and health care professionals for prompt, appropriate care. That means the senior citizen in question is your patient, but their caregiver is your target market. They’re the person you need to impress. Keep reading for three ways you can stand out in this specialized and important geriatric health care field.

  • From dentistry to cosmetology to x-ray technicians to pharmacists, many fields related to caring for the needs of senior citizens are making Alzheimer and dementia education and certification a requirement. When you enroll in my upcoming seminar, you’ll get a jump start on the educational requirements that make caregivers seek you out.
  • When family members are looking for professionals and specialists to treat their elderly loved ones, they’ll appreciate – and often spend extra dollars to receive – the added security of knowing you’re prepared to handle behavioral issues, fall hazards, and potential hygiene shortfalls. Being aware of and prepared to handle these concerns goes a long way toward gaining and retaining clients.
  • The healthcare field demands, expects, and celebrates higher education. It also encourages, and in many instances, requires, continuing education. This lifelong learning is especially key in specialty areas, such as elder care and geriatric medicine. It’s an investment in your future that pays off for you and for the clients you serve. If you want to stand out among care providers, or in the eyes of potential employers, CDP certification is a strategic way to do so.

BridgeCare Consulting’s one-day Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia Care Seminar is a mandatory course when you apply to become a Certified Dementia Practitioner with NCCDP. It equips you with the knowledge base and skill set you need to obtain the Certified Dementia Practitioner credential (CDP) employers and clients look for. Click here for complete information and registration for the next seminar on Tuesday, January 23rd. Sign up today because our classes fill up fast, and this affordable, one-day seminar puts you on the right path for obtaining your CDP credentials.