Many do not understand the stresses that accompany the legal side of things when they begin to consider elder care. Unfortunately, things are rarely black and white. Every family situation is unique with its own plethora of exceptions and individual assets, and this can make the entire planning process incredibly confusing for anyone without a trained legal eye. This is why many choose to retain an eldercare attorney to help guide them through the process.

What is Elder Law?

Elder law is a relatively new legal field, and many attribute this new development to prolonged life expectancy. The branch of law is designed to serve the needs of both the elderly and their families. It focuses on the legal issues that may arise, as well as the financials involved, as families try to sort through options for any possible situation.

What Are the Gray Areas?

As mentioned before, the matters involved in elder care are rarely black and white. Each family is different, and this creates quite a bit of gray areas in the documents and applications. Some common gray areas may be:
• You own at least one business
• You have a disabled family member
• You have minor children
• You have a problem child
• You do not have any children
• You have assets in IRAs and 401(k)’s
• You are on your second (or later) marriage, or recently divorced
• You own property in more than one state
• You want to leave some of your estate to charity
• Your spouse is in need of long-term care

If you relate to any of the points above, or you believe you have your own unique gray areas to consider, you may find a valuable resource in the knowledge and experience of an elder law attorney.

These decisions can be scary to make alone. There are many situations that families fail to plan for, and this leads to unneeded stress in times of trauma and tragedy. An elder law attorney will help you set a plan for these gray areas in case there is ever a time where taking action becomes a necessity.

If you are unsure whether or not to hire an elder care attorney for your unique situation, Terri can help guide you through the decision process. Schedule a consultation today.