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We have now joined the Providence Solutions team. We are always striving to give you that individualized service you need.

At Bridge Care Consulting we provide Continuing Education (CE) opportunities for the health care marketing professional; to present to your potential clients.

We are also available to provide on site CE workshops for your staff to meet ongoing licensure requirements  We’ve worked with junior colleges, continuing ed programs, marketing professionals and many Senior Care providers.

CE Topics Presented by:

  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Seminar- First Steps to become a Certified Dementia Practitioner -7 CE- (Certification Course-CDP )
  • Dynamic’s in Dementia- 1 CE
  • Ethics in the Workplace- 1 CE
  • Infection Control- 1 CE
  • Elder Abuse- 1 CE
  • Workplace Civility- 1 CE
  • Improving Communication in the Workplace- 1 CE
  • Are Mom and Dad Ok? -1 CE
  • Dying with Dementia- 1 CE
  • Infection Control: Break the Chain- 1 CE
  • Aging and the Quality of Care- 1 CE

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Terri Maxeiner RN, BSN, CECM, CDP, CADDCT Certified Elder Care Manager

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